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Receive Zippay Payments

Receive Zippay Payments2023-05-26T08:18:04+10:00
Receive Zippay Payments

Accept Zippay payments from your customers.

Zippay is one of the most widely used Buy Now Pay Later platforms. Accepting Zippay will open up a range of new customers for your business. By using Zippay through Make Any Payment, you’ll be able to easily accept payments of any size, in any location, on the spot with Zippay.

How do I connect my Zippay account?2023-05-09T15:20:05+10:00
  1. Login to your Make Any Payment account.
  2. Under Account Settings, go to Payment Settings
  3. Under Payment Settings, click on ZipPay Settings
  4. Under ZipPay Settings, enter your API Key and click “Save Changes”.

How does Zippay work?2023-05-09T15:51:05+10:00

Similarly to Afterpay, ZipPay is another “buy now pay later” payment service, allowing customers to get products immediately and pay back ZipPay over a scheduled period.

ZipPay is more like a line of credit, with greater flexibility for customers to set up their own repayment schedule based on their requirements. Merchants benefit with greater flexibility and get paid faster. ZipPay pays merchants every day at 4 pm.

When a customer on Make Any Payment pays using Zippay, they are directed to Zippay after entering their details. Zippay then runs through their application instantly, requesting more details if required.

Upon completion of that process, customers are directed back to Make Any Payment where the payment is marked as successful or failed depending on the status.

Do I need a Zippay account?2023-05-09T15:48:42+10:00

Yes, to offer Zippay as a payment method you absolutely do need a Zippay account.

The good news is that setting up a Zippay account very easy and can be done through their website.

If you are finding it difficult or would like our assistance, the Make Any Payment Account Creation service will assist in getting your account setup for you.

How much does Zippay cost?2023-05-09T15:47:40+10:00

The cost of Zippay is based on the transaction type, value and customer. The Merchant Service Fee (MSF) varies and is quoted to you in your letter of offer when Zippay sends it to you.

The MSF is typically effectively around 5%.

How do I create a Zippay account?2023-05-09T15:45:14+10:00

Creating a Zippay account is very easy, you can do so by following the instructions on the Zippay homepage.

Alternatively, if you would like our assistance, our Account Creation service will do the process for you.

How long does it take Zippay to pay me?2023-05-09T15:18:35+10:00

Zippay is arguably one of the fastest to pay out to vendors. Typically Zippay will pay out next business day.

Simply connect your Zippay account.

Zippay is arguably the most flexible and supportive BNPL provider there is. To connect Make Any Payment you simply log in to your Zippay account, access your Private and Public Keys, then insert them into Make Any Payment. You are now live.

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