About Make Any Payment

Our mission is to help more businesses from around the world to get paid properly, more often, with much less wasted effort.

Our Story

Make Any Payment was born out of the need to offer customers flexible ways to pay whilst also capturing that payment ‘on the spot’. The need for a business to capture money, to be sure they’re getting paid before they commence doing any work, was a primary driver.

Security too was paramount. With so many payments being taken over the phone, credit card numbers being written down by staff in businesses then left on loose sheets of paper, easily stolen. Offering a solution that put the power of securing their credit card details back into the customers hands was needed.

This is where Make Any Payment was born. A platform that maximised the amount of money businesses received before they expended effort on jobs whilst also offering multiple layers of security to customers and businesses alike.

Make Any Payment connects with multiple different payment platforms including Stripe (Credit Cards), Afterpay and Zippay with more being added.

More Money,
Less Wasted Effort.

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Make Any Payment Foundations

We believe businesses should be paid fairly, quickly and securely for their work.


Time is money, it doesn’t matter who you are. When you’re using up time, you’re exerting effort along with it. Make Any Payment always focuses on minimising wasted effort in either the business or customer.


Maintaining privacy and security is at the very heart of Make Any Payment. Securing customers payment details, minimising businesses exposure to risk and ensuring the money ends up in the right place.


If you’re a business or a customer, the faster you can get things done, the better off you are. You’ll have more money, expend less effort and be happier. Make Any Payment focuses on making things as fast as possible.

Make Any Payment, helping these brands get paid


A better and faster way to receive payments.

Make Any Payment provides you with the tools to grab that money right when it’s there to be had.

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